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Molino dalla Giovanna

Special Mix for Gluten Free and Lactose Free Bread and Pizza

Special Mix for Gluten Free and Lactose Free Bread and Pizza

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What the manufacturer says:

Simple and fast, it allows you to get pizza and bread in a short time, without sacrificing the quality of the finished product. The mixture gives great plasticity to the dough, an excellent leavening resistance and an appreciable increase in volume during cooking. The bread and pizza obtained will then have a well-structured crumb and, what is more important, a splendid flavour.

Ingredients :

Starches (corn starch, potato starch, tapioca starch), rice flour, vegetable fibers, thickener: cellulose powder, vegetable proteins, dextrose, thickener: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, yeast extract.

*Product made with naturally gluten-free and wheat-free raw materials. Specifically formulated for gluten intolerant/celiac people.

Weight: 1000 g

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