Pasta e Patate senza glutine con Fonduta di Provola e Guanciale croccante - Glusen

Gluten-free Pasta and potatoes with provola fondue and crunchy pork jowl


300g of gluten-free mixed short pasta

650g of white potatoes

100g of onions

100g of carrots

150g of pork jowl

100g of celery

Salt and pepper

Herbs (laurel and rosemary)

150g of Lactose-free smoked provola

150ml of lactose-free milk

150ml of lactose-free fresh cream

Chop finely celery, carrots and onions, then peel and chop potatoes irregularly. Cut pork jowl into strips and brown it over low heat in a casserole; when it is crunchy, put it aside but leave its fat in the casserole and add in it the chopped vegetables and herbs. After a couple of minutes, add potatoes too and cook it all for about 30 minutes over low heat. To make the fondue, dice provola and cook it in a small pot for about 20 minutes together with milk and cream. Strain it through a fine mesh sieve and let it cook until it gets the texture you like. Boil pasta for 6 minutes, drain it and stir-fry over low heat with the sauce, then add hot fondue, crunchy pork jowl and pepper.

Chef Alfonso Iannuzzi

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