Maccheroni di Mais Bianco, Curcuma e Pepe Sarawak con Pesto di Pistacchi e Guanciale

White corn macaroni, turmeric and Sarawak pepper with pistachio pesto and bacon

White corn macaroni, turmeric and gluten-free Sarawak pepper 150gr
Shelled Pistachios 200gr
Pillow 100gr
Grana Padano 50gr
Pine nuts 20gr
EVO oil 50 ml
Salt to taste
Pepper as needed
This tasty and quick gluten-free recipe is new in terms of flavors and taste. Let's start by shelling the unsalted pistachios and placing them in a bowl.
In the meantime, take the bacon and cut it into cubes. Let's take a pan and let him sweat over medium heat, stirring occasionally to prevent it from burning, until it becomes golden. Remove the bacon, leaving the bottom in the pan.
Place the shelled pistachios, pine nuts and Grana Padano in a blender. Add a drizzle of oil and blend until it becomes a homogeneous mixture.
We take our macaroni and boil them for about 8 minutes. Drain the pasta, add the pistachio pesto to the bottom and combine everything to mix for about two minutes.
We plate it and add the crispy bacon to make our dish even tastier.
This super gluten free recipe was created by chef Emanuele Luciano
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