Marmellata di Fragole nichel free

Tart with nickel-free strawberry jam

-300/320g of rice flour
-40g of rice starch
-100g of sugar
-70ml of rice oil
-2 eggs
-half a teaspoon of bicarbonate + a few drops of lemon juice
-pinch of salt
- Nickel-free strawberry jam
  1. combine the sugar with the salt
  2. add rice oil and mix well
  3. add the eggs while continuing to mix with a whisk
  4. add flour and baking soda with lemon juice
  5. finally add the starch
  6. mix everything with your hands until you obtain a smooth mixture
  7. form a loaf, roll it out, prick the base with a fork and set aside the excess pastry
  8. bake the base at 180 degrees for 10 minutes - meanwhile form the shortcrust pastry hearts to place on the dough
  9. spread the jam on the base, decorate with shortcrust pastry hearts and finish cooking for another 15 minutes in a static oven always at 180 degrees

Thanks to Antonella from MangiareNichelFree for the delicious recipe

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