5 Consigli per un invito - Glusen



Those who suffer from allergy, intolerance or celiac disease often feel nervous at parties; they are afraid of ending up eating or drinking poisoning products out of temptation or because refusing them may seem offensive to the host.

Here is a short guide for friends and relatives so that their parties will be more inclusive and safer:

Wooden spoon

You had better leave your granny’s wooden spoon in the kitchen drawer, as this material tends to retain impurities. Use steel or silicone spoons, instead.

Fried food

Everybody loves this gluttonous and crunchy food, but it is safer to use rice flour and avoid allergens that may contaminate oil.

Cured meats

Often found on the table as appetizers, yet low quality products may contain allergens such as gluten, lactose or mustard, so check the label carefully.

Draining pasta

Draining gluten-free pasta first avoids contamination; anyway, wash the colander accurately before using it.

Stock cube

Stock cubes may contain allergens, so it is preferable to boil water with a couple of black tea spoons; this way your food will be as tasty and suitable for all.



Valentina Tedesco


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