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Rome is huge, and so is the pleasure to bite the first forkful of carbonara. Typical and eternal as the city where it was created, this dish is one of the unmissable local delicacies together with other traditional dishes such as maritozzo, abbacchio, amatriciana, cacio & pepe. Here are Rome’s top 5 gluten-free venues:

  • Mama Eat - (Trastevere)

One of the most popular restaurants, centrally located and with a mouth-watering menu to suit the most sophisticated palates, it offers typical dishes of the Neapolitan and Roman cuisine. Cacio & pepe (Pasta with cheese & pepper), carbonara, pizzas, fried food, abbacchio alla scottadito (hot baby lamb), all courses have been carefully chosen by Marcella, founder of the brand and celiac for over 20 years. With venues also in other Italian cities, the Mama Eat format is one: double cooking to prevent contamination, hospitality and assurance to include everyone in the shared pleasure of being at the dining table.


  • La Pasticceria - (Termini)

One of the favorite gluten-free bakeries in town, also because of its location (just 5 minutes walking from Termini railway station) which makes it convenient for a short break. Despite its name, it offers also gluten-free salty pies, pizzas and stuffed rolls, all homemade and worth trying!


  • Napoleoni - (Appia Nuova)

A renowned bakery with a newly opened oven totally dedicated to gluten-free products; it offers a large and very appreciated choice of traditional cakes and pastries like maritozzo. Particularly recommended to have breakfast out with your best celiac friend.


  • Pompi caffetteria - (various venues)

Another obligatory stop is at this bakery, famous for its gluten-free classic or strawberry tiramisu, served in practical and large single portions also available in a lactose-free version.


  • Mangiafuoco - (Trieste area)

Its menu has featured gluten-free and lactose-free dishes for special dieters since 2013, including typical Roman food like grilled artichokes and homemade cakes.


About the author:

Valeria Torre is the founder of Valeria Gluten Free, a review website on the gluten-free world which aims to make dieters’ life easier and more enjoyable. A digital media specialist and content creator, she has written several articles for Glusen readers to recommend her favorite venues in the main Italian cities.

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