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Christmas is here, with its lights and decorations; it’s the time of the year when we’re busy buying presents for our dear ones, yet it may be difficult to find something unique and fanciful to suit our budget. Here is a list of gift ideas for those on a gluten-free diet:


Shaker for pancakes and crepes

gluten free pancake shaker

It’s the right present for lovers of pancakes and crepes; this professional shaker allows to make them at home in just 2 minutes. You won’t need a robot, mixer, whisk, weight scale, bowl or ladle! Just carry out the instructions printed on the jar with the measurements of ingredients like milk, gluten-free flour and eggs; shake them together for a few seconds and the batter is perfectly ready!

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Gluten free recipe book

Glusen gluten-free book

A tested recipe book to ensure the most successful gluten-free dough for all sorts of pies, bread and biscuits. Written by Ruth Innerhofer, owner of the Drumlerhof Hotel, a celiac for over 20 years.

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Planetary mixer

A must-have kitchen aid for those who are eager to try their hand at making their favorite gluten-free meals.


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Kneading mat

Gluten-free kneading mat

All makers of gluten-free pastry know so well how gooey and gluey dough can be. This silicone mat is a must-have to deal successfully with it!


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Glusen Box

Gluten-free Christmas box glusen

A selection of gluten-free artisan products, both sweet and salty, to suit the most sophisticated palates. buy it here and have it delivered anywhere you wish. Here are the 5 types available:

Chocolate Christmas Box
Classic Christmas Box
Gluten Free Breakfast Box
Gluten-free aperitif box

Gluten Free Pasta Box

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